RoseGal Review

The RoseGal Experience About 2 and a half weeks ago I decided to make an order from RoseGal and these are my thoughts about the entire process. I did not receive anything from RoseGal and all thoughts are my own. The Site The site has a very modern look. The homepage has many sale ads, […]

Jeemak 4k Action Camera: First Impression

Jeemak 4k Action Camera I ordered the Jeemak 4k Action Camera (Jeemak 74-r) because I was interested in a Go Pro like camera. These are my first thoughts after receiving the camera and a few test shots. The video contained within this article was shot on the camera. I ordered my Jeemak 4k Action Camera from […]

7 Eleven Rewards App Review

During my lifetime 7 Eleven has been the king of convenience stores. Until recently, I did not realize that many regions of the country were not privileged to Big Gulps and Slurpees. As popular mid-Atlantic upstarts, Royal Farms and Wawa have come into the local market, newer approaches to convenience have found their way into […]

Shampoo and Condition Your Hair With OGX

Luxury For Your Hair I know many people that would not spend much more than a few dollars for a combination of shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling dry and your head itchy and full of dandruff. A few years ago I found the OGX line in a local grocery store and I have not […]

Ciroc VS French Brandy: Review

Is It Worth the Hype Ciroc has quickly become one of the more popular high-end Vodkas. Whether plain or flavored, people love to be able to say they are sipping Ciroc. Now they cross over into the dark liquor market with Ciroc VS French Brandy. As a shot, it tastes amazing. I do not know […]

How To Stop Scam Calls: Robokiller Review

Recently I was watching videos on youtube and I came across an ad for an app called Robokiller which claims to block most scam and spam calls. A guy in the promo describes how he wastes so much of his downtime answering scam calls. I normally do not answer calls that I believe are scams […]

Harry’s Razor: Best Bang for Buck Shave

Harry’s Razor Review Shaving is a big business. The number of options is mind-boggling. Many of the prominent products on the market present the buyer with a low-cost handle and blade cartridge to start out with and sell the replacement cartridges for a ridiculously high price. Harry’s Razor presents something different, a little more product for a […]

Is YouTube Premium Worth $15.99 per Month

YouTube Premium at a GlanceI love YouTube. I most days, I watch more content on YouTube than on traditional television. Recently I started a free trial of YouTube Premium because there is a particular documentary that I wanted to watch and forgot to cancel it. Now I am wondering, why is Google charging $15.99/ month […]