The Number One Reason To Use Bing Search Engine

On ABVM we love rewards points. While some may argue about privacy, they are going to use your information in nefarious ways regardless. You might as well get something out of the deal.

When is the last time you heard someone say “Bing It,” ” Alexa It” or “Siri It?” Google has definitely cornered the market with searches but it doesn’t really matter which engine you use as long as you can find an answer to your inquiry.

Microsoft rewards is a cool reason to use the Bing search engine. Microsoft will give you points for using Bing to do searches. They also have games and quizzes that reward you with points as well as useless knowledge that you can impress your friends and family with.

You can use the points to do useful things like, make donations to your favorite charity, enter into raffles, and purchase Microsoft products.

There are new point-earning tasks to do every day aside from gaining points from just doing searches. The raffles are the coolest part in my opinion as for just a few hundred points you can win Xbox’s and Surface Pro tablets and Laptops. I’ve even seen the $2000+ Surface Studio in the raffle as well.

You can also use the points to purchase Mircosoft software and hardware directly. While you will not have enough points today or tomorrow, if you are hardcore enough you may be able to get there after a year or two.

The best thing about the whole situation is that you do not have to use Internet Explorer or Edge to participate. You can use any browser that allows you to have Bing as a search engine. The sign in or create a  Microsoft account and you can start collecting points and collecting freebies!

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Consumer Electronics Review Video Games

Havit RGB Keyboard and Mouse

Save Your Money, Budget Doesn’t Always Mean Compromise 

Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Boxes
Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Boxes

Are you subscribed to r/Battlestations? Do drool over those fancy RGB setups that are all the crazy in computer gaming? Are you also short on cash to upgrade your setup? Well, perhaps I have an answer to your lighting lust. Havit Gaming will quench your technolust for a fraction of the cost.

First and foremost, I must admit I am very much a controller fanboy. While I know using a mouse and keyboard are lightning-fast and provide a  tactical advantage, I just can’t put my controller down. I personally am not much of a competitive gamer anyway, and I grew up playing on consoles. But I do like a few games that are either, do not support controllers or controllers are not practical such as Planet Coaster and Cities: Skylines.

While Havit offers keyboard and mouse combos, I opted to purchase them separately as the keyboard and mouse I wanted were not offered as a set.

HAVIT HV-KB391L Gaming Keyboard
HAVIT HV-KB391L Gaming Keyboard


For the keyboard, I purchased the HAVIT HV-KB391L Gaming Keyboard. It is a membrane keyboard, not mechanical. Regardless, it has a great look with 3 lighting modes, rainbow, breathing and off. The keyboard also has the ability to change the directional key location. For me, the biggest challenge of this type of keyboard has been adjusting to larger keys. Outside of that, it has been great.

HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse
HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse


For the mouse, I went with the HAVIT MS760 Pro Gaming Mouse. I chose this mouse as it has an interchangeable left panel. I particularly like the panel with 6 programmable buttons. If you are willing to program some shortcuts it is a lot like having a controller in my opinion. This mouse also sports 7 dpi modes (dots per inch) which means the sensitivity is adjustable. Each dpi level has a color assigned to it and pressing the plus or minus buttons on the mouse will quickly change the color and level. I could see this feature being useful for individuals who do photo editing or other tedious and intricate tasks. There are also 10 RGB lighting modes and an app you can download to change many of the functions. The biggest downside of the mouse so far is figuring out which drivers you may need to download to get all of the features enabled.


Outside of a few minor issues, the experience so far has been great. For right around $40 USD I have a gaming setup that I truly enjoy. If you have $150+ to spend on a keyboard and mouse setup, knock yourself out. For the rest of us, Havit Gaming has a nice offering.

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RoseGal Review

Note: Product links are affiliate links. Affiliate links are a way for abvm to make money when the customer buys products by being redirected to a retailer.  Affiliate links do not cost customers extra money.

Top Fashion: Up to 56% OFF + Free Shipping Worldwide

The RoseGal Experience

About 2 and a half weeks ago I decided to make an order from RoseGal and these are my thoughts about the entire process. I did not receive anything from RoseGal and all thoughts are my own.

The Site

The site has a very modern look. The homepage has many sale ads, coupon codes and links to different categories. As far as the site itself, my only complaint is the navigation menu, it often gets in the way of what I am looking at. Although the menu is quite large, it would be better placed in the corner as appose to across the top of the page.

The Selection

The selection of clothes is very modern as well. For my taste, it is too modern. In the men’s section, there are too few “classic” pairs of jeans. Most of the jeans have the distressed look, which is okay for hanging out but not appropriate for all occasions. The shirts are very similar in style and most shirt and jean combinations match well. While the women’s collection is far more vast than the men’s, much of the clothing selection for women is not meant for formal occasions either. It is also of note that RoseGal does have a plus sized section for women and it would be great if they had a big and tall section for men. RoseGal also sales wigs at competitive prices and maternity wear.

The Sizing

The biggest complaint I have with the whole process is the sizing. The jeans I ordered where just a bit smaller than I accepted but wearable. The shirts are so small that I almost could not get them on. I ordered an XXL shirt, which would normally fit just right or I would be swimming in. These shirts are so small that I had to stretch it out to get in it. Since XXL is the largest size RoseGal offers, I will not be ordering any more shirts for myself from them anytime soon.


At the time I order, there was free standard shipping on all orders so  I gladly accepted that as my shipping method. Luckily I was not in a rush to get my order as it took 2 and a half weeks to receive. Almost immediately after I placed my order I was emailed tracking information and that was the last thing I heard from RoseGal about my order. For about a week, I checked the tracking number on the FedEx site and the location never changed.  Then the next week, I was so frustrated that I did not check. The following week when I checked, it had finally started moving and before I could blink, it had arrived.

My Conclusion

What most RoseGal faithful enjoy is the pricing. I bought 2 shirts and a pair of jeans for $30 USD. The shirts are not like anything I had ever seen in the malls. Had I actually been able to wear the shirts I would be very happy with my order. I would definitely order from RoseGal again, but I would definitely not order any shirts. I would also suggest paying for shipping if you are impatient or on a timeline as standard shipping takes forever.



Jeemak 4k Action Camera: First Impression

Jeemak 4k Action Camera

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I ordered the Jeemak 4k Action Camera (Jeemak 74-r) because I was interested in a Go Pro like camera. These are my first thoughts after receiving the camera and a few test shots. The video contained within this article was shot on the camera.

I ordered my Jeemak 4k Action Camera from Amazon, shortly after I  placed my order, I received an email staying that the camera would arrive about a week later. To my surprise, I actually got my camera 2 days after I ordered it.

Package and Documentation

Once I got the camera and opened the package, I realized that I did not have an SD card. For the most part, I had to wait until I could get one to see what this camera could do.

The documentation that comes in the package is vague. There are no real instructions on how to put the mounts together. The instructions say that the camera only accepts class 10 or higher sd cards. It seems as if the instructions are translated from another language into English.

After a few shots, I decided to hook the camera up to my computer a view what I had shot. The onboard screen is tiny and view always looks grainy. If you want to download the pictures and videos you will have to put the camera in USB Mode. When I first tried to put the camera in USB Mode it gave an error, after that it was fine and the drive popped up on my desktop. Perhaps I do not have the SD card inserted correctly but it is more than likely a problem with the card itself or the camera. I used a PNY 32 GB SDHC card.

Video Quality

In my opinion, the video is excellent with light and horrible in the dark. The first video at the top of the page is shot in 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps (frames per second). The second video in the middle of the page is shot in 720p at 60fps. The camera has options for 720p at 30fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 2.7k at 30fps and 4k at 30 fps. The camera can also be used as a webcam. I would suggest picking up a card reader, especially if you are going to be recording longer videos. It is also worth noting that the lens has a 170-degree viewing angle which is great for capturing sweeping landscapes.

Additional Features

The camera has an HD output port but does not come with the cable. If you do not have a computer or device to transfer the videos and pictures to, this would become an issue.

There is a wifi app for your smartphone recommended in the instructions called Sports XDV. With Sports XDV you can view the recordings of the action cam live, take pictures, and set most of the settings. You can also view the recordings after you finish and transfer the videos to your smartphone.

The Jeemak 4k Action Camera is far from perfect. Since this is my first action camera, I have nothing to compare this to. I can confirm that an action camera cannot replace a point and shoot camera or a DSLR camera any better than a smartphone camera can. Everything considered I would recommend this camera to anyone who is just starting out or just looking for a budget-friendly action camera.


7 Eleven Rewards App Review

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During my lifetime 7 Eleven has been the king of convenience stores. Until recently, I did not realize that many regions of the country were not privileged to Big Gulps and Slurpees. As popular mid-Atlantic upstarts, Royal Farms and Wawa have come into the local market, newer approaches to convenience have found their way into the lives of many.

Oxygen Plus - Pure Recreational Oxygen

If you stop every morning to grab a coffee and/or a bite to eat, you will get the most out of the program. Every time you purchase something, allow the cashier to scan the app. You gain points for most items in the store. Bonus points for some items or by purchasing a combination of items. Every 7th cup of coffee/Slurpee/Big Gulp is free.

Ericdress Tops Extra 15% off over $85, code:crazy15,Extra 30% off over $189, code:crazy30, Shop Now!

So the big question is, what do they get for all of these wonderful freebies? Well, they get to collect data about your shopping habits. Plus many of the items that contribute to the biggest rewards are priced to that profit margins are well over 100 percent. The deals on the app guide shoppers to buy certain items. If you are against companies tracking your every move, this may not be for you. Truth is, this is going to be the way of life going forward, like it or not.

Deewatch Double Wrap Watch

Over 300 Men’s Coats and Jackets to compare and all under $50.00

Knomo Womens New Arrivals

Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Hair Straightener: Tames thick or curly hair in a snap.

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Health Review

Shampoo and Condition Your Hair With OGX

Shampoo and Conditioner Luxury For Your Hair

I know many people that would not spend much more than a few dollars for a combination of shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling dry and your head itchy and full of dandruff. A few years ago I found the OGX line in a local grocery store and I have not used another shampoo and conditioner since. While this article is for any and everyone, men’s, in particular, should be sensitive about which products they use in their hair. Maintaining healthy and well-hydrated hair wards off damaged hair and hair loss.

While a beauty bottle is an eye-catcher, the scent of the OGX products is breathtaking. Not only does it smell great when you pop the top, but the fragrance also stays in your hair for hours. While smelling good does not have any nutritional value, it feels good.

The conditioner provides great hydration for your hair. I often use it as a leave-in conditioner. If my head feels dry, I will put use some in the morning and it keeps my scalp moisturized all day.

If you have ever been in the store, looked at these products and walked away because of the price, this is your chance to walk back. Even if you cringe as you press the checkout button, you will grin after you use these products and become as faithful as I now am.

Charcoal Products Are Hot But Consider This…

While I absolutely featured the charcoal detox shampoo in this blog, remember this before you run off to grab some. Charcoal is abrasive. In your hair, on your skin or teeth, charcoal may change the texture and complexion of any place you apply it. While the OGX Charcoal Detox has not caused me any undesired changes, other products may be less forgiving. Do your research and be very careful before you use any new products.


Tips For Proper Hair Care

According to Teen Vogue, there are 6 things that one should remember when washing and conditioning their hair:

  1. Less is More: Avoid Washing Daily (Or Even Every Other Day)
  2. Use Filtered, Luke Warm Water
  3. Use Gentle Pressure to Massage the Scalp and the Roots of Your Hair
  4. Choose a Shampoo that Suits Your Hair Type
  5. Leave Your Conditioner in for Five to Seven Minutes
  6. Towel Dry Your Hair and Follow Up with Protectant

These simple tips will help young people develop healthy hair care habits. Older people can also gain benefits by using these tips to help regenerate and rejuvenate their hair.

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Check out the OGX line of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products at Amazon here:

Check out the OGX line of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products at Walmart here:

Feel free to comment on your experiences with the OGX line or any other great products below. If you have other hair care products you would like for me to test, you can also comment about those as well.


Ciroc VS French Brandy: Review

Is It Worth the Hype

Ciroc has quickly become one of the more popular high-end Vodkas. Whether plain or flavored, people love to be able to say they are sipping Ciroc. Now they cross over into the dark liquor market with Ciroc VS French Brandy.

As a shot, it tastes amazing. I do not know where in France they got their grapes but it tastes almost like a cognac. It is very smooth and does not “burn the throat” or “put hair on your chest” as they say. At 40% alcohol volume (80 proof) Ciroc Brandy is not ridiculously strong or weak.

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Wine Access

The most basic mixed drink one can make with a dark liquor is with a cola. After tasting this brandy solo, it dies mixed with Coke. On the website, there are a few mixed drinks suggestions. Most of the drinks contain lemon which would kill the flavor of this liquor in my opinion.

Ciroc Brandy Backside
Ciroc Brandy Backside

Like most other Ciroc products, Ciroc VS French Brandy is more for show than for substance. Add a price tag of just under $40 USD for a 750 ml bottle and this is definitely a luxury. Most Brandy’s in the US are under $25. While this is supposed to be a creme de la creme liquor, this is not in my opinion.

2-Tier Floating Wine and Liquor Rack, Multiple Finishes


Review Smartphones

How To Stop Scam Calls: Robokiller Review

Recently I was watching videos on youtube and I came across an ad for an app called Robokiller which claims to block most scam and spam calls. A guy in the promo describes how he wastes so much of his downtime answering scam calls. I normally do not answer calls that I believe are scams and possibly miss real business so I quickly download it to see if this works.

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Rosegal Logo

The ad shows that the app actually answers the suspected scam calls for you and distracts the scammer for a while. I suppose after a while they will realize that they are talking to a recording and hang up.  There are at least 50 “answer bots” as they are called and range from polite to rude to annoying. The Robokiller records the calls and allows you to listen to them later. The calls where a person answers are quite funny but just as often the caller is a bot as well.

Milanoo Holloween

In the ad, it never says how much this service cost. Once you download and set up the app you will realize that this service is not free. The best deal is the $29.99 per year. They do give you a 7-day free trial. You can also add numbers to the service. Do you have an annoying ex, friend or family member, you can block them as well.

US - PowerDVD 18

In my opinion, the trial is just long enough. If you are paying attention to your calls daily you will be able to see if the service works for you. At this point, I am not sure that the service works well enough for the asking price. I think they should have a free version with ads an/ or fewer features as well. This would allow for the service to collect more information about the scam and spam callers.

You Deserve a Vacation!

Men's Hair Care Review

Harry’s Razor: Best Bang for Buck Shave

Harry’s Razor Review

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Shaving is big business. The number of options is mind-boggling. Many of the prominent products on the market present the buyer with a low-cost handle and blade cartridge to start out with and sell the replacement cartridges for a ridiculously high price. Harry’s Razor presents something different, a little more product for a little less money.


The Good

The best thing about Harry’s razor is that it simply shaves. No vibration or batteries included or necessary. The blade head is flexible but not flimsy. Harry’s rubber grip feels nice in the hand and the colors are nice as well. The price of around $10 for the handle and 2 blades is the best part. Replacement cartridges are about $9 for 4 and $16 for 8. They also have a shaving foam and post-shave balm which I did not try.


The Bad and the Ugly

I can not say much bad about the razor or the handle. I think they are really nice. If  I could make a suggestion, it would be that maybe Harry’s could include a travel case with the handle. Even if it was just a cloth bag, it would be really nice to have.


I absolutely recommend this product, especially if you are into classic razors.  For the last year or so, I used cheap packs of razor because I had become disgusted by the typical brands because of the price of the replacement cartridges and the frequent discontinuation of products I liked. I believe that Harry’s products will stay relatively unchanged for a long time, at least I hope so.

Review Smartphones

Reason Compact: First Look

Yesterday I got an exciting email from Propellerhead stating that they released a mobile version of Reason. Aptly names Reason Compact, I am interested to see if this is something more than a stripped-down instrument.

In the email there was a link to a YouTube video which I eagerly clicked. The video displayed a mobile version of their newest synth, Europa. A bit disappointed, I still downloaded Reason Compact to see if that was all it to offer.

After downloading, that is exactly what it was, a mobile version of Europa. The app does not allow for recording of tracks to make up a song like a traditional desktop DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) but it does allow users to create loops that can be exported. There are 3 exportable file types: Europa sound patch, Reason file and WAV audio.

There also a few sound pack advertised within the app but they are all currently unavailable. I would suspect that they will be for sale in the near future.

Generally, music making applications for smartphones and tablets are crappy. They are normally have nothing in common with what they are trying to mimic. To some, these apps are fun and/or useful, to me, they are frustrating.

Note: Product links are affiliate links. Affiliate links are a way for abvm to make money when the customer buys products by being redirected to a retailer.  Affiliate links do not cost customers extra money.

Find the best deal with

Since Reason Compact is free, it is definitely worth checking out. I am not sure how much use I will get out of this app, but it has some nice features and is worth a shot.