Mount Gay Eclipse Heritage Blend Rum Review

A Flavorful Rum That Won’t Break The Bank

First off, let me say that rum is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. I definitely have a bias when it comes to rum. My rum journey started out with Bacardi Silver and Barcadi 151. As I got older and my palette and pockets matured so did my rum. While I think that Gosling Bermuda Black Seal Rum is the best bang for the buck, Mount Gay Elipse is a close second.


Mount Gay Eclipse is overwhelmingly apricot in taste. I would even say a bit nutty. A delicious flavor like this is great on the rocks, neat or poured over cola.


The nose is apricots as well. Not too complex but definitely pleasant. Not nearly as nutty as it taste and not at all bitter.


Mount Gay Eclipse is so smooth and flavorful it might be to good for a mixed drink. At the price point it might be tempting to use it for a tasty Long Island Ice Tea but i would refrain. Over soda, maybe mixed with club soda or a hard lemonade is about where I would leave it.

Final Thoughts

This was my first bottle of Mount Gay Eclipse but it definitely will not be my last. It makes for an excellent daily sipper and a wonderful transition from other liquors like whiskey and brandy. Mount Gay is now has a permanent spot on my bar.

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