What Does Lifestyle Really Mean?

Do you work to live or live to work? Regardless of how you look at it, you should enjoy what you are doing. While a lifestyle is any way that you live your life, in modern society we think of lifestyle as being gaudy and grandiose. With the advent of social media, everybody wants to be extravagant, at least for a little while. Some like to have lavish homes or at least over the top room (man cave, she shed). Some like to go on excessive trips to exotic places. Here at ABVM, we think you should do it all while not blowing your budget.

On the basis of lifestyle is the hobby. A hobby is something you enjoy doing that stimulates your mind, body, and spirit. Hobbies range from arts and crafts to hiking to playing video games and everything in between. Laying around all day, watching tv, swiping left or right, and generally being a lazy bum will not get the job done. Nowadays, most hobbies have an easy to find social community that will introduce you to like-minded people. Being social makes you more attractive to other people.