Discovery+ Review – Cutting the Cord

What is Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is an online streaming service that offers original programming from many popular cable channels such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, HGTV, TLC, A&E and more. If you are looking at cutting the cord or already have and you enjoy documentaries and educational shows, Discovery Plus is probably for you.

The Good

If your favorite shows are aired on the channels attached to Discovery Plus, they are all there. Plus there are spinoff shows of those shows exclusively on the service.While there are a lot of dating shows that I do not care for on the platform, I do not have to watch them so it does not bother me that much. You can also resume the show you were last watching if you enjoy binge watching your favorite shows.

While there is not nearly as much content or variety as services like Prime, Netflix and Hulu, Discovery Plus has plenty for someone like me and is priced appropriately. I have the $4.99 version with ads. I personally do not mind the ads as they usually play the way the shows are edited for commercials.

The Bad

The most popular shows are displayed before the shows that are similar to the shows I like. It is not a deal breaker but it is annoying. I personally am not interested in 600 pound people or importing a date. A few of the stations do not have many shows that fit in with the main theme of Discovery Plus.

The Ugly

Most of the negative about Discovery Plus is petty. I ordered the service through my amazon account. I do not really have a complaint about the technical aspect of the app itself.

Final Thought

If you like shows such as The Property Brothers, Americas List and Naked and Afraid, you can feel confident in cutting the cord. For the most part, Discovery Plus is a breathe of fresh air in the streaming wars.


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