Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola Review

Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola
Jack Daniels Black Jack Cola


Premade Jack and Coke

Have you ever wished that you could go pick up a Jack and Coke ready to sip? Well, it actually exists and it’s not bad. While Black Jack Cola doesn’t actually contain any of the Old No. 7 recipes that you’d expect, it tastes quite similar with a lemon-lime twist. It is even more refreshing on a hot summer day than the basic Jack Daniels, Coke and ice you might be used to. If you are not a fan of Jack Daniels, don’t let that stop you from giving this drink a try, I assure you, you’ll be as surprised at the taste as I was.

Even though Black Jack Cola is only 4.8% abv, it still has a bit of a kick without being overwhelming. If you are not good at making mixed drinks, this might be the answer.

Where Can You Find Black Jack Cola?

You can probably find Black Jack Cola at your favorite grocery store, Wal-Mart, or Total Wine and More. It retails for about $7.99 USD. You can also find it at a reputable online alcoholic beverage retailer like drizzly. I would suggest you not use marketplaces to order alcoholic drinks as they normally jack up the price to ridiculous amounts.



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