Uno Mas Margarita Strawberry Lime Review

Ready To Drink Margarita Cocktail

Uno Mas Margarita is a ready-to-drink margarita mix. There are multiple flavors including traditional lime, peach, and strawberry lime. Even though the drink is 13.9% alcohol by volume, the alcoholic base is wine.  As far as I can tell, the only place you can buy it is Walmart.


As a premixed alcoholic drink, it would actually say the taste is average. The flavor is not overwhelmingly strawberry or lime. If you are into the flavor you would be better off buying a non-alcoholic mixer and making your own drink.  Being that the alcoholic base is wine and not tequila, the drink is not overly strong either. If you are a weak body, Uno Mas is fine as is, the gem here is the ability to use this as a mixer.


Using Uno Mas as a mixer is great. You could add rum to it, instead of tequila and make it a daiquiri. I prefer on the rocks over frozen but Uno Mas is sugary enough to make a good frozen mix. Since there is already alcohol in the mix, you will not need as much hard liquor. I drunk margaritas all weekend off one bottle and I was not disappointed.

Final Thoughts

If you really like margaritas, I would recommend trying Uno Mas Margarita. If Strawberry Lime is not your dig, there are other flavors. At about $10, it is cheaper than buying something stronger and more expensive that you may not like.


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