Ciroc Summer Citrus Review

A New Limited Edition Flavor Every year about this time, Ciroc releases its summer flavors. There’s also Summer Colada, Watermelon, and White Grape that has been released over the last few years to much hype and appraise. The elusive nature of these limited editions adds to the conversation about them, maybe more than the drink…… Continue reading Ciroc Summer Citrus Review

Ciroc VS French Brandy: Review

Ciroc VS French Brandy

Is It Worth the Hype Ciroc has quickly become one of the more popular high-end Vodkas. Whether plain or flavored, people love to be able to say they are sipping Ciroc. Now they cross over into the dark liquor market with Ciroc VS French Brandy. As a shot, it tastes amazing. I do not know…… Continue reading Ciroc VS French Brandy: Review