Why I Don’t Fast

Fasting works for many people, so I am not saying fasting doesn’t work. I have never deemed fasting necessary for my diet. I am not saying that I will never fast either. At this point, I do not see a reason not to eat with all this food available. As I evolve in my journey…… Continue reading Why I Don’t Fast

How I went from size 42 to size 36 pants on Keto Diet

Seeing Is Believing: I Didn’t Believe At First Until a few years ago, I did not realize that not eating a lot of starch was a thing. To be honest, I didn’t think eating so few carbohydrates was healthy. After all these years of believing that fatty meat was the devil and that bread was…… Continue reading How I went from size 42 to size 36 pants on Keto Diet

Low Carb Tacos

  Tacos Can Be Low Carb Note: Product links are affiliate links. Affiliate links are a way for abvm to make money when the customer buys products by being redirected to a retailer.  Affiliate links do not cost customers extra money. Before I realized the Keto was a thing, I actually thought that Tacos were healthy. A…… Continue reading Low Carb Tacos

Low Carb Pecan Pancakes

The Best Pancakes Ever Unless you’re indulging in a “cheat day,” pancakes and waffles are almost definitely a no-no on a low carb diet. We recently got our hands on a low carb, Keto-friendly alternative called Carbquik. Most of the content creators I’ve seen use Carbquik have created great alternate bread recipes. They have also…… Continue reading Low Carb Pecan Pancakes

Is The Ketogenic Diet Sustainable?

Maca Chocolate snack

Can the Keto Diet be Sustainable Long Term?   The ketogenic diet is the newest dieting craze. Many people, including celebrities, are now promoting the diet, and which is more of a lifestyle than a diet. But the question many people ask, is it sustainable for a long period? Since most critics say that it…… Continue reading Is The Ketogenic Diet Sustainable?