5 Tips To Change Your Diet Forever

Things to consider before changing your diet

About 50 to 60 years ago the United States government came up with a nutritional plan to ease people off of fatty meats and onto carbohydrates as so many Americans were suffering from heart disease. Most of the rest of the world adopted the same or similar plans and now most people are extremely out of shape. Here I offer a few tips to help anyone wanting to get their diet together.


  1. You need to be tired of your condition

Some people can change their diet just because it the right thing to do. But that is not the case for the vast majority of us. If you are not tired of one or more of these:

  • being out of shape
  • taking medication for high blood pressure, insulin, etc.
  • not being able to keep up with friends, family, children, grandchildren
  • Other issues related to poor diet

This list may not be for you.

  1. You need to plan your meals

Trying to “wing it” when changing the eating habits that you’ve form over the past 20, 30, 40, or more years of your life is a certain disaster. Trying to figure out what you are going to eat moments before you are going to eat every day requires too much brainpower. I would suggest taking one day out of the week to search for interesting meal ideas that fit your diet plan and prepare a week’s worth on that day. There are quite a few low carb recipes right here on ABVM that work great for just about any diet and do not require lots of preparation.

  1. You need to eat until you are full

Being hungry unnecessarily is a sure-fire way to end up back where you started. Any diet that leaves you hungry is not for you. You may have to try four or five diets before you find one to fit your lifestyle and that is ok.

  1. There is no such thing as a magic pill

You did not end up where you are right now overnight and you should not expect to get to where you want to be overnight either. Drugs like metformin do more harm than good and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. You have to stop emotional eating

Emotional eating is probably the hardest thing for people to quit. Emotional eating is not just when you are sad and depressed but also when you are happy and celebrating. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other gatherings centered around food are bad for your new diet unless you are in control of the planning or have the strength to stay on course. More importantly, the good feelings you associate with these good times are what triggers depression eating.

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How I went from size 42 to size 36 pants on Keto Diet

Seeing Is Believing: I Didn’t Believe At First

Until a few years ago, I did not realize that not eating a lot of starch was a thing. To be honest, I didn’t think eating so few carbohydrates was healthy. After all these years of believing that fatty meat was the devil and that bread was a savior, the ketogenic diet is quite refreshing for someone like me. I know for a fact that psychologically the keto diet is not for everyone, but if you can get over yourself, the benefits are worth the effort. That is where the keto diet shines.

For the first week, I took a supplement called Real Ketones Prime D+. It is a meal replacement that while not necessary, definitely helps if you don’t know what to eat. You can take it twice a day and eat a normal meal for dinner. I only took it in the morning as I really didn’t know what to expect. I lost 12 pounds in those first 5 days. It is normal to lose that much when you first start as most of it will be water. In my case, I was already in ketosis, so I don’t think I was holding water.

How I Actually Did It

For the most part, I did not experiment with substitutes for my favorite high carbohydrate foods. I definitely didn’t in the beginning. I actually only cut carbs out of my diet. So it was not more expensive like many people try to make dieting out to be. I only ate meat and vegetables for the first month or so. I would cook enough meat on the weekends to eat throughout the week and if I ran out or got bored, I’d just pick up a salad. Sometimes I would grill a bunch of meat or put a roast or shoulder in the pressure cooker. Frozen and canned vegetables, while not the best option was the quickest.

I don’t have a scale, so I did not weigh myself every day. My goal was not to lose weight, it was to live healthier. As I came down in weight, I felt much more energetic. What I really noticed was my waist shrinking. I noticed my stomach flattening out. While I am probably a little heavier than my recommended weight for my height and age, I am happy where I currently am. I am going to try to maintain my current weight at around 205 to 210 pounds. In my opinion, weight doesn’t really matter anymore. Most people want a good healthy look. Getting to a certain weight is only to impress your doctor. Being healthy is about improving your quality of life.

Before I knew it, my pants wouldn’t stay up. Not only were my pants too big, but my belt was also too big. I was lost in most of my shirts. I was so small, I could shop in stores like American Eagle, Cotton On, J. Crew, Express, etc.. You know the stores where they only have one 2X shirt in the entire store and you might have to fight someone for it. Now I can wear size 36 jeans in most brands and fits and 34 others. I also wear XL or L shirts depending on the brand and style of the shirt.

A Few Things To Think About

In order to lose weight all you need is a calorie deficit. Meaning you need to burn more calories than you intake. While it is much more effective to exercise while dieting, you can lose a ton of weight just by incorporating some ketogenic ideals. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try a few things out:

  • Find and download a free app and track how many calories you burn for about a week.
  • As you shop for food, check out the nutritional fact on the packages you pick up. Check out the correlation between the carbohydrates and calories in the foods you normally eat. The more carbs, the more calories.
  • Slowly cut sugars, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn, beans, and other high carbohydrate foods out of your diet. You might not get in ketosis quickly but it’s a start.
  • Do not worry about intermittent fasting, I did not do it and I have had fabulous results.
  • Have fun with, join a group of supportive people and/or do it with your friends, family, co-workers and other social groups.
  • Don’t ride the scale. Being healthy should not be a task, it should be a way of life. If you are in such dire need of confirmation, you may not be mature enough for the ketogenic diet.
  • Stop looking for advice from people promoting what I like to call “Psycho Keto.” Psycho Keto is 5, 10, 20 grams of carbs a day. Most will never get started chasing unrealistic goals or going cold turkey.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will answer it to the best of my ability. Let’s start a conversation, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing keto for years or you are just slightly interested.



Is The Ketogenic Diet Sustainable?

Can the Keto Diet be Sustainable Long Term?


The ketogenic diet is the newest dieting craze. Many people, including celebrities, are now promoting the diet, and which is more of a lifestyle than a diet. But the question many people ask, is it sustainable for a long period? Since most critics say that it is not, I will only detail how it is.

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Tons of supplements available have low carbs or no carbs at all. Many of these supplements are meal replacements. You will not have to worry about preparing a meal for at least one or two meals out of the day. One of the biggest issues people have with the ketogenic diet is that it’s too time-consuming to prepare the proper meals. My favorite, Real Ketones Prime D+, includes a bunch of other vitamins and minerals that you could become deficient in on the keto diet. While I highly suggest using Real Ketones products, many others work as long as you keep away from consuming high amounts of carbs.


Another big issue people have on the ketogenic diet is just simply not knowing what to eat. At first, it would seem as if you will have to give up all of your favorite foods but I can tell you that could not be further from the truth. For the snackers, one of my favorite substitutes is eating pork rinds instead of potato chips. Nowadays they actually have chips that are made of substances other than potatoes that taste pretty good. For normal meals, there are bread, wraps, and pasta made of almond flour, coconut flour, and zucchini. These versions have 1/3 the carbs of flour made of grain, wheat, and corn. As for sugar, there are more low glycemic options than you could count on your fingers. Two of my personal favorites are monk fruit sweetener and stevia.

I Can’t Find It

Even I have to admit, it is difficult to find low carb options at just any grocery store. Many times, I do find things that I like and the next time I go back, they are no longer selling it. Other times, I’ll see something, pick it up and the next time I go back the grocer has jacked the price up. To this, I suggest you subscribe to ABVM below to keep up with the newest items and best prices online. You can also send me emails or comments about the items you are looking for. I will do my best to find the lowest price available for you.