Is The Ketogenic Diet Sustainable?

Maca Chocolate snack
Maca Chocolate snack

Can the Keto Diet be Sustainable Long Term?


The ketogenic diet is the newest dieting craze. Many people, including celebrities, are now promoting the diet, and which is more of a lifestyle than a diet. But the question many people ask, is it sustainable for a long period? Since most critics say that it is not, I will only detail how it is.

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Tons of supplements available have low carbs or no carbs at all. Many of these supplements are meal replacements. You will not have to worry about preparing a meal for at least one or two meals out of the day. One of the biggest issues people have with the ketogenic diet is that it’s too time-consuming to prepare the proper meals. My favorite, Real Ketones Prime D+, includes a bunch of other vitamins and minerals that you could become deficient in on the keto diet. While I highly suggest using Real Ketones products, many others work as long as you keep away from consuming high amounts of carbs.


Another big issue people have on the ketogenic diet is just simply not knowing what to eat. At first, it would seem as if you will have to give up all of your favorite foods but I can tell you that could not be further from the truth. For the snackers, one of my favorite substitutes is eating pork rinds instead of potato chips. Nowadays they actually have chips that are made of substances other than potatoes that taste pretty good. For normal meals, there are bread, wraps, and pasta made of almond flour, coconut flour, and zucchini. These versions have 1/3 the carbs of flour made of grain, wheat, and corn. As for sugar, there are more low glycemic options than you could count on your fingers. Two of my personal favorites are monk fruit sweetener and stevia.

I Can’t Find It

Even I have to admit, it is difficult to find low carb options at just any grocery store. Many times, I do find things that I like and the next time I go back, they are no longer selling it. Other times, I’ll see something, pick it up and the next time I go back the grocer has jacked the price up. To this, I suggest you subscribe to ABVM below to keep up with the newest items and best prices online. You can also send me emails or comments about the items you are looking for. I will do my best to find the lowest price available for you.


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