Low Carb Pecan Pancakes

The Best Pancakes Ever

Unless you’re indulging in a “cheat day,” pancakes and waffles are almost definitely a no-no on a low carb diet. We recently got our hands on a low carb, Keto-friendly alternative called Carbquik. Most of the content creators I’ve seen use Carbquik have created great alternate bread recipes. They have also all failed to create a fluffy bread. None of the recipes on the Carbquik box add an ingredient to make a fluffy bread alternative either. One secret we found was adding a little bit of baking powder.

Low Carb Pecan Pancakes

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Recipe makes 5 large pancakes

Mix all ingredients together. Using a non-stick pan or well-oiled pan, cook to a golden brown. Add your favorite sugar-free pancake sweetener or use the Torani Sugar-Free Salted Caramel as I did. If the Torani syrup is not thick enough as is, you can mix it with baking powder or some other thickener.

At less than 5 grams of carbs per serving, you’ll never want to go to a pancake house again.

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