Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

AmazonBasics Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
AmazonBasics Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Is A Mouse Just A Mouse

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So I had a Logitech wireless mouse that I brought about 6 months ago that I lost somewhere. I needed a cheap mouse to use as I travel around with my laptop. While searching on Amazon I found the Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless Mouse for less than $10 and thought, why not try it.

It Just Works

I am not really a “spec geek,” while I do know and understand specifications, I normally like things that just work. To my surprise, this mouse just works. There is nothing really fancy about it. The box is very plain, just a brown box with no writing. All you have to do is plug the adapter into an available USB port, put the one battery into the mouse and it works. It feels pretty good in my hands. The response on the screen is great for everyday use. The buttons are clicky and the wheel is scrolly.

After a few months of using the mouse, it still works just as good as the day I received it. I have carried the mouse around in my backpack and it is still going strong.  The mouse is efficient with the batteries as long as you turn it off when not in use.


If you are looking for a gaming mouse, this is not for you. If you are looking for the highest advancement in mouse technology, this is not for you. This mouse is for people who need to get work done. I actually use the mouse in the creation of this blog post, just hours after I received it. While I would not recommend this mouse for photo editing or other fine detail work but for everything else it is great. The mouse also makes a great replacement for those of us who hate laptop trackpads. For less than $10 the Amazon Basics Ergonomic Wireless Mouse is worth a try.

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