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Superman RoseGal
Superman RoseGal

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The RoseGal Experience

About 2 and a half weeks ago I decided to make an order from RoseGal and these are my thoughts about the entire process. I did not receive anything from RoseGal and all thoughts are my own.

The Site

The site has a very modern look. The homepage has many sale ads, coupon codes and links to different categories. As far as the site itself, my only complaint is the navigation menu, it often gets in the way of what I am looking at. Although the menu is quite large, it would be better placed in the corner as appose to across the top of the page.

The Selection

The selection of clothes is very modern as well. For my taste, it is too modern. In the men’s section, there are too few “classic” pairs of jeans. Most of the jeans have the distressed look, which is okay for hanging out but not appropriate for all occasions. The shirts are very similar in style and most shirt and jean combinations match well. While the women’s collection is far more vast than the men’s, much of the clothing selection for women is not meant for formal occasions either. It is also of note that RoseGal does have a plus sized section for women and it would be great if they had a big and tall section for men. RoseGal also sales wigs at competitive prices and maternity wear.

The Sizing

The biggest complaint I have with the whole process is the sizing. The jeans I ordered where just a bit smaller than I accepted but wearable. The shirts are so small that I almost could not get them on. I ordered an XXL shirt, which would normally fit just right or I would be swimming in. These shirts are so small that I had to stretch it out to get in it. Since XXL is the largest size RoseGal offers, I will not be ordering any more shirts for myself from them anytime soon.


At the time I order, there was free standard shipping on all orders so  I gladly accepted that as my shipping method. Luckily I was not in a rush to get my order as it took 2 and a half weeks to receive. Almost immediately after I placed my order I was emailed tracking information and that was the last thing I heard from RoseGal about my order. For about a week, I checked the tracking number on the FedEx site and the location never changed.  Then the next week, I was so frustrated that I did not check. The following week when I checked, it had finally started moving and before I could blink, it had arrived.

My Conclusion

What most RoseGal faithful enjoy is the pricing. I bought 2 shirts and a pair of jeans for $30 USD. The shirts are not like anything I had ever seen in the malls. Had I actually been able to wear the shirts I would be very happy with my order. I would definitely order from RoseGal again, but I would definitely not order any shirts. I would also suggest paying for shipping if you are impatient or on a timeline as standard shipping takes forever.


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