How To Stop Scam Calls: Robokiller Review

Recently I was watching videos on youtube and I came across an ad for an app called Robokiller which claims to block most scam and spam calls. A guy in the promo describes how he wastes so much of his downtime answering scam calls. I normally do not answer calls that I believe are scams and possibly miss real business so I quickly download it to see if this works.

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The ad shows that the app actually answers the suspected scam calls for you and distracts the scammer for a while. I suppose after a while they will realize that they are talking to a recording and hang up.  There are at least 50 “answer bots” as they are called and range from polite to rude to annoying. The Robokiller records the calls and allows you to listen to them later. The calls where a person answers are quite funny but just as often the caller is a bot as well.

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In the ad, it never says how much this service cost. Once you download and set up the app you will realize that this service is not free. The best deal is the $29.99 per year. They do give you a 7-day free trial. You can also add numbers to the service. Do you have an annoying ex, friend or family member, you can block them as well.

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In my opinion, the trial is just long enough. If you are paying attention to your calls daily you will be able to see if the service works for you. At this point, I am not sure that the service works well enough for the asking price. I think they should have a free version with ads an/ or fewer features as well. This would allow for the service to collect more information about the scam and spam callers.

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