Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

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So Christmas is over, now it is time to start thinking about your family vacation. This is the year that you decide to plan and book your vacation all by yourself using Cheap-O-Air, One Travel or one of the many travel sites available. The flight, hotel, and rental car can all be booked with one app/site now. But before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, what happens if an emergency occurs.

The Drama Called Life

Even though nobody wants to think about the unthinkable, now is the time. And the fact that you got such a great deal by booking 6 months early, that’s 6 months in which you can:

  • get laid off
  • lose a family member
  • get sick
  • have damage done to your home due to a natural disaster or fire
  • summoned to jury duty

And it would be wonderful if you could get most or all of your money back for pennies on the dollar.

How Unlucky Could You Be?

Even if you have no issues leading up to the trip, the moment you leave your house things can go wrong.

  •  hurricanes and typhoons in tropical regions in the summertime
  • Snowstorms in the wintertime
  • Unexpected flight cancellations due to delays at the airport.
  • A sudden civil war breaks out at or near your destination, for international travels
  • Disease outbreak at or near your destination
  • Cancellation of meeting or conference for business travelers

When Not To Invest In Travel Insurance

If your bookings are refundable, you may not need to purchase travel insurance. Be warned, some refundable bookings are a pain to cancel and it could take a few weeks to receive your refund. Cruise lines, resort, and timeshares are known for having ridiculously lengthy cancellation policies and holding refunds for weeks, possibly a month or more. If you would like to relieve yourself of this hassle, travel insurance may be an option.
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Since you can receive a quote online in seconds, it is always worthwhile to see how much the insurance might cost. If the deductible is more than the trip, you might not need travel insurance. Visitors Coverage is a one-stop shop for travel insurance. Once you enter your age and length of trip, you receive quotes from the top players in the travel insurance game. Even if you decide to take a chance, at least you will have done the research.

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