Can A Tablet Replace A Computer

  What Are You Trying To Do

If you are one of the millions of people looking to downsize your life, or looking to update to a more modern system, a tablet may be a viable option. Tablets are very popular nowadays for many different reasons, one of which is availability.

The short answer to the question is yes or no depending on which tablet you purchase and what you use your computer for. If you only use your computer to browse the internet and check emails, tablets are great. If you play graphically intense games, audio production, video production, etc. a tablet may be underpowered for your workflow.

I have personally never been a fan of tablets as they are nothing more than large smartphones. After actually getting my hands on one for extended use, I now see it as something between a large smartphone and a small laptop. Tablets have become much more powerful of the last 10 or so years. I am actually using a tablet to write this particular article. In the future I will be using the tablet to help in the creation process. You can listen to music or watch youtube while doing real work as I am doing. I can definitely say I have a whole new respect for what a tablet can do.

There is a definitive difference between the tablets that connect to a mobile network and tablets that only work over wifi. While your mobile service provider is more than willing to make a tablet affordable, it may not be a good option. While they let you pay for the device in payments, you’ll have to keep a service plan active during the payback process.


For me, a tablet is a great companion to my desktop. Much lighter than most laptops. Not quite powerful enough for my entire workflow but good enough to keep me working in between time.  It is also an essential for mobile workers.

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