The Number One Reason To Use Bing Search Engine

On ABVM we love rewards points. While some may argue about privacy, they are going to use your information in nefarious ways regardless. You might as well get something out of the deal.

When is the last time you heard someone say “Bing It,” ” Alexa It” or “Siri It?” Google has definitely cornered the market with searches but it doesn’t really matter which engine you use as long as you can find an answer to your inquiry.

Microsoft rewards is a cool reason to use the Bing search engine. Microsoft will give you points for using Bing to do searches. They also have games and quizzes that reward you with points as well as useless knowledge that you can impress your friends and family with.

You can use the points to do useful things like, make donations to your favorite charity, enter into raffles, and purchase Microsoft products.

There are new point-earning tasks to do every day aside from gaining points from just doing searches. The raffles are the coolest part in my opinion as for just a few hundred points you can win Xbox’s and Surface Pro tablets and Laptops. I’ve even seen the $2000+ Surface Studio in the raffle as well.

You can also use the points to purchase Mircosoft software and hardware directly. While you will not have enough points today or tomorrow, if you are hardcore enough you may be able to get there after a year or two.

The best thing about the whole situation is that you do not have to use Internet Explorer or Edge to participate. You can use any browser that allows you to have Bing as a search engine. The sign in or create a  Microsoft account and you can start collecting points and collecting freebies!

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Comparison Travel Vacations

Hotel Rewards – Getting the most from your stay

How To Live A Lavish Lifestyle On A Budget – Hotel Rewards

Nowadays you do not have to call a 1-800 number to book a hotel room. You can use your phone, tablet or computer and book through a website or an app. With 100’s of sites with the same information, trying to find the best deal or even proper accommodations can become overwhelming.

While using comparison sites like BookVip, CheapOair, OneTravel,, Priceline, etc. make it easy to compare and contrast many hotels across a variety of brands may seem like the best option, but I would have to argue it is not, Especially if you book a lot of rooms.

Most large hotel chains have their own online booking system and loyalty rewards program. At one point in time, you could get a better nightly rate by booking through the comparison site but most big chains guaranteed they their prices are the lowest and no longer offer additional deals to the discount sites.

The loyalty rewards programs offer many perks including Free Early Checking and Late Check-Out, Floor and Room Preference, Discounts for local attractions and most importantly, Rewards Points.

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Turning Staycations to Vacations

If you are still reading this, you must be interested in how the rewards system works. Each brand has their own reward setup but generally, you receive 10 points for every dollar you spend, not including taxes and fees. The more expensive the room, the more points you receive. Some programs offer options to buy points outright while others let you receive extra points by paying a few dollars more when booking a stay.

Booking off-season, from the late fall to early spring, is a great way to rack up points to use during the summer. On top of that, most programs offer additional ways to earn points during the off-season such as; booking multiple times during a specific period, applying for a brand-specific credit card and using a specified payment method during a particular period.

Booking a room at a hotel once or twice a month off-peak has other advantages as well. Being able to use the hotel’s amenities such as pools, spas and fitness equipment for free and the change of scenery would add to your quality of life. Many of the brands that offer these programs provide free breakfast and/or have wonderful dining options nearby.
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