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Bali Bay Resort Myrtle Beach Review

Bali Bay Resort

The Good

Location – Steps away from the beach and the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, the Bali Bay resort is at the center of the action of the south end of Myrtle Beach.
Spacious – The 3 Bedroom suite pictured in this review has enough bedding for 6 and with some creativity could easily sleep 2 to 6 more.

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Bali Bay Resort Main Living Space

Bali Bay Resort Main Living Space

Decor – Upon entering the suite, it is like stepping into something you see on tv.
Comfort – The beds were pretty comfortable, lots of space to spread out and unwind after a long day or night on the town.

Bali Bay Resort 3 Bedroom Master Bedroom
Bali Bay Resort 3 Bedroom Master Bedroom

The Bad

Small Pool – 2 small pools in the back of the property, facing the beach, enough for a few small groups but not half of the resort.


Hallway Outside – In the summertime it is hot, as soon as you step out the door you are in the elements.
Sea Dunes Oceanfront – The property next door is obviously a hangout for locals, lots of drugs and partying, quite entertaining until it is time to go to sleep.

The Ugly

Check-In – There is no office or front desk onsite. I booked thru Priceline and they did not specify that I had to go to the Atlantica Resort, about 20 blocks away, to check-in. On the weekend, there are so many people on Ocean Dr. I could have walked over there faster than the drive.
Falling Apart – After further inspection, there were many imperfections in the unit.




Pool Unkept – Shortly after arrival, on Saturday afternoon, a trip to the pool ended in disgust. By Monday morning when we left, the maintenance crew must have had enough complaints to justify cleaning the pool.
Cheap Furniture – The furniture was cheap, particularly the bar stools at the island in the kitchen, the chairs at the dining room table and the chairs on the balcony.

Bali Bay Resort Kitchen w/ Island
Bali Bay Resort Kitchen w/ Island

The Final Result

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is, would I stay there again? The answer is, I would, I love the location. I like that area of the beach. It is closer to the Skywheel and the center area of Myrtle Beach in comparison to other resorts I have booked. Most importantly, the resort fits the group I was with.