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MPow Coach
MPow Coach

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Nowadays everybody is walking around in their own world with headphones in their ears. Some of us enjoy bulky over-the-ear studio style and some enjoy teeny tiny barely visible in-ear headphones. For the latter, I took a chance on a surprisingly cheap set of Bluetooth headphones and have a wonderful review in store.
The MPow Coach which retails for 22.99 USD is a lightweight, comfortable headphone. They feature 6-8 hours of battery life with normal use. While not incredibly bassy, they are good for music and very clear for conversations.


The MPow Coach headphone has wonderful Bluetooth connectivity with a range of over 20 feet and works well on airplanes. Conversations are clear and the music sounds nice. These headphones do not complete with $100+ product but they blow competitively priced headphone out of the water.

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The build quality is nice and solid, particularly compared to many other comparable products in this price range. After about 2 months of daily use, the charging port has not broken.

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I would definitely recommend these headphones for casual listening and conversation use. They may work well for exercising but they are a bit heavier and may come out of your ear with during heavy movements.


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