Lazy Shopper: Wal-Mart In-Store Pick-Up

Lazy Shopping 101 – In-Store Pick-Up

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Today there are many options for lazy shoppers, those of us who would prefer not to deal with the long lines and horrible service of shopping a brick and mortar business. One such option is Wal-Mart’s In-Store Pick-Up. You shop and pay online, then go to a special counter at the store and pick up your items as soon as the same day. I needed a few items so I decided to try it out. USA, LLC

Item not available
Item not available

This first item I searched, a USB A to USB B cord, was not available for in-store pickup or shipping. The price is unbelievable so I will have to venture out to the store to pick one up. None of the items I selected were available to be picked up today at my nearest location.

Price for Shipping
Shipping USA, LLC

In-Store Pick-Up
In-Store Pick-Up USA, LLC

Since they have a deal for free shipping on orders over $35, I elected to have the items shipped to me. I would not have been able to get my items faster from the store. Perhaps I will at some point be able to pick items up the same day or use the option to shop for groceries instead. For the sake of argument, I would not normally shop like this but I could see how this would be a good idea for people with disabilities. I could also see this as a great option for people with children. Most importantly, for those of us with limited time, frivolous spending habits or are just plain lazy, getting in and out of Wal-Mart in minutes instead of hours is a blessing.


While shopping online is a way of life for many, many others do not enjoy it so much. For those, this could be a segway into online shopping. GOD bless the greedy and the lazy. Click any of the links in this post to try it for yourself. USA, LLC

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