Cheesiest Alfredo Ever

I love to cook. Here I am going to give you a quick 30-minute recipe that will feed your family for under $20. This simple, quick Alfredo recipe will stick to your bones and satisfy your taste buds.

I normally use to different sauces, a cheesy sauce and a regular sauce or a garlic type of sauce. I love Alfredo because it has noodles without the tomatoes and the heartburn of spaghetti.

1 pack of Golden Grain Long Fettuccine, 16 Oz

1 pack of Fancy Shredded Italian Cheese Blend, 8 oz

2 bottle of Classico Pasta Sauce Creamy Alfredo, 15 Oz

1 pack of Roma Gourmet Mild Italian Chicken Sausage 1lb Tray

Cut the Italian sausage into slices and pan fry until brown.

Cut the fettuccine to your desired length and boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Drain the water and add the sausage, Alfredo Sauce and cheese. Warm and stir over medium to medium-high heat until cheese is melted.

This is not a gourmet recipe but it will feed your family for a night or two and it tastes great. Many people like to use Grated Parmesan Cheese but to me, it makes the dish salty. This is one of my favorite meals and it normally lasts just me for a week.

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