How To Stop Scam Calls: Robokiller Review

Recently I was watching videos on youtube and I came across an ad for an app called Robokiller which claims to block most scam and spam calls. A guy in the promo describes how he wastes so much of his downtime answering scam calls. I normally do not answer calls that I believe are scams […]

Harry’s Razor: Best Bang for Buck Shave

Harry’s Razor Review Shaving is a big business. The number of options is mind-boggling. Many of the prominent¬†products on the market present the buyer with a low-cost handle and blade cartridge to start out with and sell the replacement cartridges for a ridiculously high price. Harry’s Razor¬†presents something different, a little more product for a […]

How to Win the DAW Wars

Dear music producer, there are many different ways to record music and there are 100 times as many people trying to tell you how to do it. While this may mull over as just another voice in that crowd, I would like to offer an alternative solution to the never-ending question of which DAW (Digital […]

MPow – Budget Bluetooth Headphones

Nowadays everybody is walking around in their own world with headphones in their ears. Some of us enjoy bulky over-the-ear studio style and some enjoy teeny tiny barely visible in-ear headphones. For the latter, I took a chance on a surprisingly cheap set of Bluetooth¬†headphones and have a wonderful review in store. The MPow Coach […]

USB Microphones For Professional Recordings – Yes, No, Maybe

USB Microphones I decided today that I wanted to start recording a little bit so I decided to go buy a Blue Microphone Yeti. The Yeti is a very popular USB microphone amongst streamers and recording artist alike. (My first trial is the basis for this post, so my opinion may change.) Rode Podcaster USB […]